Withstand The Tide

Stand Up To Bullying.
What is Withstand The Tide?
Withstand The Tide is Youth Jam International's anti-bullying campaign that aims to eliminate bullying in schools, workplaces and of course, everywhere else. The campaign was launched by Isaac Mulcrone, the CEO of Youth Jam International, on 15th November 2018.

Withstand The Tide is an organisation owned by Youth Jam International and its aims are to prevent bullying through its events, outreach programs, video/radio content and through its love and passion for a better environment for people who are bullied.
Upcoming Events:
Come back soon, we have just launched, so we are still planning our events.
Ways to help you if you are being bullied: 
1) Talk to someone.
2) Get support from teachers, parents, colleagues or someone you trust.
3) Express yourself, don't be scared to show emotion.
The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassador programme gives young people, parents and staff the skills and knowledge to tackle bullying in their schools both online and offline. This videos explains the impacts of bullying.
If you need someone to talk to, refer to the links below to Lifeline & Beyond Blue.
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