Youth Jam Shop
The Youth Jam Shop stocks a variety of items in its portable stores. Our stores operate mostly online, but also open at Youth Jam Radio outdoor broadcasts and appeal broadcasts throughout the year. We stock items from confectionery to music albums. ​*Our stock changes reguarly. Check this site for info on products*
Confectionery Items:
​-Mars Bar: $2
-Smarties Tube (50g): $2
-KitKat Original: $2
-Flake Mocha: $2

YJS only accepts cash at this time.
​-Disney Novel: $10
-Disney Colouring Book: $10
​Musical Albums:
​-New Beats Volume 1: $20
Order Items ​(List name of buyer, email, items required & suitable time of collection)

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Portable Store Locations & Times
EVENT: Kapow Night
​LOCATION OF STORE: Forte School of Music, Joondalup (133 Grand Bvd, Joondalup)
​TIMES STORE IS OPEN: 1st June 2018, 6.30pm to 8.30pm
​ITEMS BEING SOLD: All confectionery, Books & Musical Albums​