Lifechangers with Isaac
Isaac talks to Liana from CBM Australia, about Miracles Day and her experiences travelling to the Philippines in 2017 seeing lives be changed! (13th August 2018)
Isaac talks to Mark Waite from Youth Futures WA about youth homelessness, family crises and about how you can seek help. (25th June 2018)
Isaac spoke to Adam from Armed for Life about what it means to be a real man, pornography addiction, sessions for youth & teachers and about the camps that armed for life run.
Ian exclusively sat down with Sarah Avalia! www.youthjamradio.com
A listener, Nathan, messaged Isaac telling him about Sportsfest! Isaac read out his letter to the listening fam! (27th September 2018)
Isaac talks about the world's first ice-skating doggy that was almost killed! (27th September 2018)
The children at St. Helenas treated the Brekky team to 'How Beautiful you are Small'
The children at St Helenas treated us to an Aussie classic!
#feelgoodfriday was awesome on 24.11.2017 when the children presented their Fathers Day Song!
This is a recording of 'The Power of Your Love'
Nathan, Brad & Arno
Nathan bought an elephant from a shop? (13th October 2018)
Who was the disney character of the week? And did Nathan really buy an elephant from a shop? www.youthjamradio.com
Nathan, Bradley and Arno discuss movies they have seen! (13th October 2018)
The Forte Show with Nunzio & JT
Nunzio and JT discuss the FIFA World Cup in Russia and how England won a penalty shootout! (8th July 2018)
Nunzio shares his general interest story about Mr Trump and the G7! (10th June 2018)
Nunzio & JT love telling dad jokes that will make you groan! (10th June 2018)
Nunzio & JT told some dad jokes dedicated to the mums out there. (13th May 2018)
Nunzio & JT LOVE dad jokes, here are their set from 22nd April 2018!
Here is Nunzio's general interest story. (15.4.18)
More 'hilarious' dad jokes from the Forte lads. (15.4.18)
Take a listen to Nunzio & JT's dad jokes! (4.3.18)
Nunzio & JT never disappoint when it comes to dad jokes! (24.2.18)
Nunzio discussed the second amendment in the USA and how it affects the USA. (25/2/18)
Nunzio & JT told some hilariously bad dad jokes on the show on 10th December 2017! Re-live the moment, by listening to this podcast of it!
Nunzio & JT love sharing general interest stories. Here is one of them!
There are more Christmas dad jokes on Sunday 17th December's show!
JT shared his last general interest story for the year!
Nunzio & JT cannot STOP telling dad jokes. Here are some more from the champs!
(4th February 2018 Show) Nunzio & JT are back and they did not hold back when it comes to their world-famous dad jokes!
(4th February 2018 Show) Family, we had to podcast the rest of the dad jokes off the Forte Show... prepare to laugh at some of the unfunniest jokes ever created!
Nunzio & JT had a LIVE AUDIENCE this morning (11.2.18) as two people having a sleepover outside the studio watched the pair broadcast on Sunday 11th Feb 2018!
Nunzio & JT never disappoint when it comes to dad jokes! (11.2.18)
Holly, Jack & Isaac
With the strawberry crisis hitting us hard in Australia, Holly, Jack & Isaac talked about what is happening and how we can stop the spread! (22nd September 2018)
It was Holly's birthday during the week and the boys decided to celebrate with a song..... but, Isaac didn't know it was the dreaded song he accidentally played on Jack's birthday. (22nd September 2018)
Naveen & Isaac asked how we can express our opinions in the current political world as youth. (8th September 2018)
Naveen & Isaac played Google vs Naveen. (8th September 2018)
What is smart casual? Isaac asked in relation to his river cruise. (8th September 2018)
Song With A Message (8th September 2018)
Naveen & Isaac filled in for Holly & Jack and Naveen had to verse off with Siri/Google in a quiz! Take a listen to see who won! (1st September 2018)
Naveen & Isaac asked when you have become trapped somewhere and they had their own unique stories to share! (1st September 2018)
As tomorrow (Sunday 2nd Sept 2018) is Fathers Day, we thought we would share some dad jokes! (1st September 2018)
More and more teenagers are choosing automatic vehicles over manual! Isaac & Naveen discussed this! (1st September 2018)
Naveen & Isaac talked about some cars suitable for young teenage drivers! (1st September 2018) {3-part video}
Naveen & Isaac discussed some life hacks for Facebook! (1st September 2018)
Naveen & Isaac checked IMDB for reviews and star ratings on recent movie releases! (1st September 2018)
It was Jack's turn to pick a princess and Isaac surprised EVERYONE at how quickly he got it! (4th August 2018)
Isaac talked to the peeps about dreaming big and how the impossible things we want to do, should be at the top of our bucket lists! (4th August 2018)
Holly was away this week, but Jack & Isaac answered the question, where is God when it hurts. (21st July 2018)
Many things in one podcast.... (21st July 2018)
Isaac's Analogies (21st July 2018)
Holly was away this week, but Jack & Isaac discussed issues that are facing our youths. They offered their prayers, discussed the origins of the issues and tried to help the youth. (30th June 2018)
Holly was away this week, but Jack & Isaac discussed ways to step away from extreme materialism! (30th June 2018)
Jack & Isaac discussed many youth issues and one of those was economical issues. The boys discussed how youth can save themselves from many economic problems. (30th June 2018)
Isaac told Jack about the man he saw at the train station who had a saw and a pole on the train! (30th June 2018)

Jack exposed Isaac's voicemail to Holly and the family. (23rd June 2018)

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Isaac asked the team whether it was bad to cut out questions that weren't explained or that were not complete.... the answer was, well take a listen. (23rd June 2018)
This podcast features a weird conversation from 23rd June 2018.
Holly, Jack & Isaac discussed the new third airport runway could have for certain suburbs and how it could be a relief for other suburbs! (23rd June 2018)
The guys discussed the question.... should 16 year olds be able to vote in Aussie elections? (23rd June 2018)
Holly told Jack & Isaac about how her mum offered her space cheese! (23rd June 2018)
Scott from Mindarie won our jackpot this week! Well done to him. (9th June 2018)
Oscar (Isaac's youngest brother) pops into the studio to host with Isaac for an hour. He is age 9 and he loved the experience! (9th June 2018)
Week 1 of G'day Jack & Isaac was unsuccessful! (2nd June 2018)
Jack & Isaac posed the question.... should school finish at year 11.... We read your thoughts and we shared ours! (2nd June 2018)
Jack and Isaac go through some tips for the on-going exams for ATAR and UNI students! (2nd June 2018)
Jack and Isaac play one of the Aussiest interviews ever! (2nd June 2018)
Isaac talks about some different and weird remedies for the common cold... from jazz music to being positive.... there was a variety. (26th May 2018)
Isaac plays an awesome rendition of Hallelujah that was performed by a priest. (26th May 2018)
Isaac discusses some life quotes that are partly funny/logical and just plain weird! (26th May 2018)
With the royal wedding on the same day as the show, Isaac thought he would tell Jack & the family some facts you may not of known about our future Queen, Meghan Markle! (19th May 2018)
Jack & Isaac go through the current top hit songs on the charts! (19th May 2018)
Jack & Isaac discuss the negative affects 13 Reasons Why is having on our youth population. (19th May 2018)
Isaac told Jack & the family some facts about Bon Jovi! (12th May 2018)
Jack & Isaac played turnip up! (12th May 2018)
Jack & Isaac discussed whether they have sugar in their tea... this conversation lead on to other dietary conversations. (12th May 2018)
The lads played a game where they had to guess country names in 1 min! (5th May 2018)
Jack turned 18 on the show today! Here is a podcast from the songs played on the show! (5th May 2018)
The boys have a new game, TURNIP UP! (5th May 2018)
The lads chatted to Murray Benton from The Good Fight Australia. (28th April 2018)
Jack & Isaac chatted to Mary from Alkimos Wellness Centre about her event (14th April 2018)
Jack & Isaac caught up with Jo & Sparky from Gem 106 (14th April 2018)
Jack & Isaac chat to Adrian, the event coordinator of this year's Easter Parade in the city centre! (17.3.18)
Jack & Isaac discussed how many items are left on trains and some of the weird stuff that has been left on them! (10.3.18)
The boys discussed what Ed Sheeran's next album could be called, Minus, Sin, Cos, Tan? Plus they discussed how Ed Sheeran did a good deed for some hungry fans! (10.3.18)
Jack & Isaac discussed a computer short cut for opening task manager! Take a listen! (10.3.18)
(3rd March 2018) Jack & Isaac talked to some of Isaac's close relatives who described what it is like on the ground in the UK as they have some massive snow storms!
In an exclusive interview, Isaac chatted to Morgan Hipworth who owns and runs one of the most famous donut shops in Australia, Bistro Morgan! Listen to the interview here or at our website: www.youthjamradio.com
Other Podcasts:
Isaac was live from Alkimos Wellness Centre for the last two hours of April Appeal 2018 (22.4.18) between 4pm and 6pm. He spoke to people who help others suffering with anxiety, depression and much more!