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About Us
​Our Staff
CEO: Isaac Mulcrone
​Deputy Manager: Bernard Tampubolon
​Deputy Manager: Nunzio Guinta
Deputy Manager: Jack Smallacombe
Music Director: Connor James
Content Director: *Come back soon, we have a new CD coming in soon*
Administration: Enza Bettles
Social Media Producer: Praveen Anthan
Social Media Producer: Rohan Anthan
​Photographer: Jade Stirling
Photographer: Erick Lee
Voice Over Artist: ​Abbey Crossley
Voice Over Artist: ​Jason Titheradge
Nathan, Brad & Arno Producer: Isaac Mulcrone
Nathan, Brad & Arno Producer: Adam Knowles
​Our Announcers:
-Nathan Thomson
-Arno Van Den Berg
​-Bradley Wessels
-Jack Smallacombe
-Nunzio Guinta
-Jason Titheradge
-Bernard Tampubolon
-Holly LeGuay
-Naveen Anthan
-Rohan Anthan
-Ian Bower
-Rachel Stuart
​-Ambrosia Searle
About Youth Jam International
​Youth Jam Internation is an international digital media network, with stations in Perth, Australia and Indonesia. The network was established by Isaac Mulcrone on 1st March 2018 under the brand of World Radio Perth. The network underwent significant branding changes to accompany the aims of the network and that is how Youth Jam was born.

​Youth Jam Radio is a listener-funded Christian digital radio network that strives to entertain, inform and inspire people every single time they listen/view. Our team works extremely hard to ensure the network is striving towards its aims of being Perth & Indonesia's #1 youth and family network. We remove all negativity from our network to ensure what you are listening to is clean and appropiate.
​Community Radio Guidelines in Australia
​Youth Jam Radio is NOT a community radio station, but we are trying our best to become one (community radio stations are networks on the FM spectrum that rely on listener support and commercials). As we are aiming to become a community FM station, we are always in obedience with the Australian FM community radio guidelines. You can read these below:

Australian FM Community Radio Guidelines

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Contact Us

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*Please note that all messages are read and any messages containing inappropiate or rude language will be deleted. The police will be involved if the message is threatening*
Company Name: Youth Jam
​Email: enquiries@youthjamradio.com