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About Us
​Our Staff
CEO: Isaac Mulcrone
​Deputy Manager: Bernard Tampubolon
​Deputy Manager: Nunzio Guinta
Deputy Manager: Jack Smallacombe
Peak Time Content Director: Nathan Thomson
Off Peak Time Content Director: Arno Van Den Berg
Music Director: Connor James
Digital Media Director: Rohan Ananthan
Administration: Adam Knowles​​
Photographer: Erick Lee
Social Media Producer: Praveen Ananthan
Nathan, Brad & Arno Producer: Isaac Mulcrone
Voice Over Artist: ​Abbey Crossley
Voice Over Artist: ​Jason Titheradge
​Our Announcers:
-Nathan Thomson
-Arno Van Den Berg
-Naveen Ananthan
​-Isaac Mulcrone
-Ian Bower
-Jack Smallacombe
-Nunzio Guinta
-Jason Titheradge
-Bernard Tampubolon
-Holly LeGuay
-Rohan Ananthan
-Rachel Stuart
​-Maddie Randall
​-Luke Botha
​-Ambrosia Searle
About Youth Jam Radio: Perth
​​Youth Jam Radio is a listener-funded Christian digital radio network that strives to entertain, inform and inspire people every single time they listen/view. The radio station is owned by Youth Jam International and operates in the Perth City & Metro area. Our team works extremely hard to ensure the network is striving towards its aims of being Perth #1 youth and family network. We remove all negativity from our network to ensure what you are listening to is clean and appropiate.
Contact Us

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*Please note that all messages are read and any messages containing inappropiate or rude language will be deleted. The police will be involved if the message is threatening*
Company Name: Youth Jam Radio: Perth
​Email: enquiries@youthjamradio.com